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Calf Raise Block Leg Workout - Simple deals Calf Raise Block Leg Workout

Calf Raise Block Leg Workout

$246.68 $107.25

Our Calf Block will let you get the most out of your calf raise exercises. This versatile squat weight bench allows you to perform standing body weight calf raises and is designed to use with dumbbells. You merely have to position the calf block underneath your machine bar and load...


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Everfit Adjustable Squat Rack - Simple deals Everfit Adjustable Squat Rack

Everfit Adjustable Squat Rack

$248.95 $148.50

Everfit Adjustable Squat RackIt features a pair of quality stands to hold your barbell set while you do your squats or deadlifts. Made of a strong powder-coated steel construction, the racks can hold a massive 150kg maximum weight capacity. The 10 holes allow a huge range of height adjustments between...


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Squat/Bench Press Rack - Simple deals

Squat/Bench Press Rack

$269.00 $233.00

Squat Stands Pair A gym-quality workout at home is within your reach with the Squat Stands Pair. Two high-grade steel stands give you the solid foundation you need for squat reps. No machine here; just a pure muscle-building workout using the free weights form advantage. Both stands are constructed with...


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Curl Bench Weights - Simple deals

Curl Bench Weights

$383.95 $270.00

Bring gym-quality workout equipment into your own home with the Seated Preacher Curl Bench. Power through a wide variety of gym exercises to build and tone your arms — all at a can't-beat price. There's no question that the Seated Preacher Curl Bench is constructed with high-quality, rock-solid craftsmanship. That...


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juzonline 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack for Dumbbell Weights Storage

3 Tier Dumbbell Rack for Dumbbell Weights Storage

$480.00 $400.00

Store all your dumbbell weights on this convenient three-tier rack from Randy & Travis Machinery. Perfect for flats, small homes, and gyms in which space is at a premium. With its compact one-metre width and ½-metre depth, you’ll only take up ½ metre of closet or floor space, giving you...


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Unilateral Seated Row Machine - Simple deals

Unilateral Seated Row Machine

$650.00 $531.00

This seated row machine is small enough for home use, yet sturdy enough to be placed in a gym.  The heavy duty construction of this machine is ready to take a pounding while helping you develop your chest, pecs and arms.  The height and oversized chest pad are adjustable with...