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Women's coats and jackets encompass a diverse range of outerwear styles designed for warmth, protection, and fashion. Here are some common types of women's coats and jackets:

  1. Trench Coat: A classic and versatile outerwear piece that is typically lightweight and features a belted waist, ideal for both rainy and transitional seasons.

  2. Peacoat: A timeless double-breasted coat with a tailored fit, usually made from wool, perfect for colder weather and formal occasions.

  3. Puffer Jacket: Insulated with down or synthetic materials, puffer jackets provide excellent warmth and are often lightweight and packable.

  4. Denim Jacket: A casual staple made from denim fabric, available in various washes and styles such as classic, cropped, or oversized.

  5. Leather Jacket: Adds a touch of edge and sophistication to any outfit, leather jackets come in styles like moto, bomber, or biker, suitable for various looks.

  6. Blazer: A structured jacket that can be formal or casual depending on the fabric and styling, ideal for layering over tops or dresses.

  7. Parka: A longer coat with a hood, often insulated and designed to withstand cold and inclement weather, perfect for winter.

  8. Bomber Jacket: Sporty and versatile, bomber jackets feature a fitted waist and cuffs, usually made from lightweight materials like nylon or polyester.

  9. Raincoat: Waterproof and lightweight, raincoats protect from rain and wind, available in trench coat styles or shorter lengths.

  10. Cape: A unique style of outerwear that drapes over the shoulders, providing a fashionable and dramatic silhouette.