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Bayleaf Ficus Single Ball Topiary 1.8m


Artificial Bayleaf Ficus Single Ball Topiary 1.8mThis high quality topiary plants or artificial ficus tree comprises 1 single well formed ball topiary with 1125 two tone leaves in total. The Bayleaf Ficus ball is attached to a natural trunk and comes with a pot.Described as an elegant and stylish tree...

Artificial Bayleaf Ficus Tree 2 Balls 1.82m


Artificial Bayleaf Ficus Tree 2 Balls 1.80mThe artificial bayleaf ficus tree is made up with a natural trunk fixed in a pot with 2 balls, one at the top and one about one third of the way down.In total there are 1525 two-tone fake leaves.As far as artificial plants go,...

Mixed Green Bushy Ficus 180cm


Bushy Artificial Ficus with Mixed Green Foliage 180cm TallThis stunning artificial ficus has an ultra-realistic artificial trunk with hundreds of mixed green nearly natural leaves.The perfect addition to an office foyer, or where you need your artificial plant to make a statement of quality and luxury.Suitable for: IndoorsHeight of artificial plant: 180cmStyle: Leafy...

Faux Flowering Pink Magnolia Tree with Pot 250cm

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Are you looking for something different and are tired of the ordinary?Then spice up your room with this exquisite towering 250 cm Faux Flowering Pink Magnolia Tree with a simple black pot.The lush and full green leaves are accented by the beautiful blooming Magnolia flowers colored in different shades of...

Artificial Magnolia Tree 180cm

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Named after French botanist, Pierre Magnot, this flowering specie boasts a large number of genus. Magnolia’s fully bloomed flowers are more often than not, bisexual, with numerous petals and stamens arranged in a spiral fashion on an elongated receptacle.When it reaches its full maturity, Magnolia Trees can be massive and...