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    Laybuy offers online shoppers a simple interest-free payment plan that lets you secure your purchase today and pay for it in 6 equal payments, once a week for 6 weeks.



    What is LayBuy ?

    Laybuy is a payment method that lets you receive your online purchase now and spread the total price over 6 weekly automatic interest-free payments.

    How does Laybuy work ?

    Once you select Laybuy as your payment method at checkout and complete your online purchase, Simple Deals ships any products directly to you at the delivery address you have requested.

    The first Laybuy payment is equal to one-sixth of the total online purchase price that occurs once your order is completed. The remaining 5 instalments are processed each week on the day you have made your original purchase from your nominated card.

    No further action is needed. All your Laybuy account information including a payment schedule, pending payment can be viewed, at any time, through your Laybuy account.

    Can anyone use Laybuy ?

    Laybuy is available to any person that lives in Australia and is at least 18 years old. However, before you can use Laybuy as your payment method you need to provide them your personal information such as full name, residential address, email address, and your mobile number for the credit check/verification. Laybuy also requires your Australian debit or credit card details so that they can deduct the payments in connection with the online purchase that you have made.

    How much does Laybuy charge me ?

    Laybuy doesn't charge any interest or advance fees. If you miss any payment you will be notified immediately. A late instalment fee of $10 may be charged in respect of each payment you fail to make on-time. Any instalment default may also result in our debt collection service contacting you and/or affect your credit score.

    Does Laybuy do any credit score check ?

    Before your account is verified and approved by Laybuy, they will have to carry out a credit score check. Once they created your account, you'll be given a limit based on your credit score. Then, you'll be able to use Laybuy as your payment method to make online purchases through any of its approved retailers up to the limit that they specify for you.

    What is the Laybuy limit ?

    Laybuy offers an $80 limit excess. Your installments for the next 5 weeks will be $24 per week.

    Does Laybuy increase your credit limit ?

    Can I exceed my Laybuy credit limit? You can shop online and spend more than your credit limit if you have a sufficient balance on your debit or credit card to complete your shopping.

    What happens if I don’t pay Laybuy on time ?

    If you fail to pay within 24 hours of the due date, we will charge you a default late payment fee of $10.00. If you do not rectify your default fee by making the missed instalment payment within the next seven days, we will charge you a further default late payment fee of $10.

    Does Laybuy affect credit score ?

    Boost your credit score rating: Unlike some traditional credit providers, Laybuy makes it simple to pay and doesn't want buyers defaulting on payments. It's essential to know that missing instalments can also negatively affect your credit score which can impact your short and long-term life goals.

    How long does a laybuy refund take ?

    Once a refund is notified by the retailer, we will start the process immediately and send you a confirmation email that the refund has been applied. The bank may take 5-7 business days to process the refund amount.

    Does Laybuy have an app ?

    The Laybuy app is now available for iPhone and Android users.

    Why is my Laybuy account suspended ?

    Your account could be suspended for some reasons like if it is an old account or the signup process was not completed or there is an overdue payment, etc.

    Is Laybuy interest free ?

    Laybuy enables you to receive your online purchase and spread the total price over 6 weekly interest-free instalments.