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32 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set Knives Fork Spoon Teaspoon


This gleaming utensil set will bring beauty and utility to your dining room table! Replace your hodge-podge drawer of utensils with a brand new complete utensil set that will sparkle on your dining room table. The new utensils will not only enhance your table setting it will make your food...

Double-Sided Diamond Knife Sharpeners Sharpening Stone W/ Stone Holder


If you’re a serious cook, you know how important a sharp knife is to all your kitchen tasks—from chopping to slicing. This double-sided diamond knife-sharpening stone from Randy & Travis Machinery is just what you need to keep your knives in peak working order. With one side with 400-grit for...


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Ceramic Kitchen Knife Peeler 6pc Set

Ceramic Kitchen Knife Peeler 6pc Set

$56.55 $39.73

Ceramic knives might sound like chef's equipment, but this 6 piece set will bring to your kitchen a chef's ability to prepare fruit and vegetables, and present meals with flair and style. Ceramic knives are renowned for their sharpness and durability. With a unique non-porous blade manufactured from zirconium oxide...