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Our Manuka 200+ MGO honey can be shipped throughout Australia and worldwide. We want everyone to experience the goodness of home-grown Manuka honey from our family-run business.

What makes Manuka honey so special? Dr. Peter Molan's research in 1981 revealed that Manuka honey from the Manuka tree contains Methylglyoxal (MGO), which has powerful anti-bacterial properties. This compound is not found in other types of honey. Manuka honey is considered a superfood due to its unique health benefits, and Dr. Molan was even awarded an MBE for his research efforts.

What sets SimpleDeals Manuka honey apart is the variety of Leptospermum trees that we work with in Australia. We have around 80 varieties, some of which have much higher concentrations of Methylglyoxal, making them more potent. Our Manuka honey contains over 200mg of Methylglyoxal per 1kg, and every batch is university tested to ensure its quality.

The MGO rating on our Manuka honey indicates the concentration of Methylglyoxal, and the higher the number, the more potent the honey. Our Manuka 200+ is a high-strength active honey that is recommended for treating minor wounds and leg ulcers, as well as soothing sore throats and coughs. However, it is not recommended for use in smoothies or on toast. For these purposes, we recommend using our MGO 30 honey. We also offer honey with MGO concentrations ranging from 30 to 829, as well as super-strength honey with MGOs of 1000+.

Order your Manuka MGO 200+ honey online from SimpleDeals today and experience the highest quality, genuine product.